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Field goal (basketball) - Wikipedia

A two-point field goal scored at the basket. ... A shot from beyond the three-point line for a three-point field goal.

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Other Field Goals Leaderboards. ... All-Time Field Goals Leaders.

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Most consecutive seasons leading league, 3-pt field goals.

Field goals - definition of Field goals by The Free Dictionary

Definition, Synonyms, Translations of Field goals by The Free Dictionary

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Basketball (college) ... BBR Home Page > Leaders and Records > %s%s %s > Single Game > > 3-Pt Field Goals.

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Scoreboards – What Is a Field Goal In Basketball? ... The term basketball field goal can cover a wide range of shots, from a dunk to a three point shot.

Field Goal Percentage in Basketball: Definition, Calculator ...

Learn about effective field goal percentage in basketball, and why it's a much better measure of shooting success than traditional FG%

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The term field goal in basketball covers a wide range of shots, from a dunk to a three-point shot.

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What is field goals in basketball? What are the rules of field goals?

FIELD GOAL (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Definition of FIELD GOAL (noun): goal in American football; an ordinary goal in basketball