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How to put on a perfect tennis grip (overgrip)? 🎾 - YouTube

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Wrap an Overgrip on a Tennis Racket : 8 Steps (with Pictures ...

Locate the end of the overgrip that tapers off to a skinnier width. The tapered end will have an adhesive sticker. Remove this sticker. Pick up your racket, handle facing upwards, and attach the sticky tip of the overgrip to a long bevel of the racket handle (see definition).

Best Tennis Overgrips | Full Guide + How to With Photos

How to Put a Tennis Overgrip On Step 1. Remove your old overgrip if you have one. Step 2. Unravel your new overgrip, and if it has one, peel off the layer of plastic protecting the grip’s surface. Step 3. If you’re using the included piece of tape, remove the sticker from the adhesive backing and ...

How to Change Your Tennis Overgrip | Wilson Sporting Goods

When you unroll the overgrip you will see a long piece of grip tape rolled on the inside. Set that aside but keep in handy – you’ll need it at the end. Locate the adhesive tab on the tapered end of the overgrip – this will hold the overgrip in place at the bottom of your racket as you begin to wrap it. Now’s the fun part, it’s time to wrap!

How to put overgrip on a tennis racket? - Tennisladys

STEP 3: WRAPPING. Once you have wrapped the grip around the very end of the racket, covering the bevels on the butt cap, you can start wrapping the overgrip. You will want to wrap the grip pretty rightly to avoid it unravelling, but make sure to take your time so you get an even distribution of grip on each wrap.

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How To Replace a Tennis Overgrip - YouTube

Proper installation of an overgrip can help you maintain a good hold on your racquet's handle and eliminate nagging discomfort to your hands as well.That's w...

Do you need Overgrip for your Tennis Racquet? | Tennis Gems

The reason tennis players use overgrip is because the original stock grips on a racquet are very hard and thin. They can wear down easily and become costly to replace. Using an overgrip preserves the original grip and is much more cost effective than having to replace it altogether. It’s Affordable: In a game where things are rarely cheap ...