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French Soccer Terms - French Football Vocabulary - Lawless French

to play soccer : jouer au foot(ball) to put up a strong defense bétonner: to run : courir: to score (a goal) marquer (un but) to save a goal/penalty sauver un but/penalty: to send off expulser: to set an offside trap jouer la ligne de hors-jeu, jouer le hors-jeu: to shoot, kick tirer: to trap, control amortir World Cup la Coupe du monde, le Mondial

French Vocabulary Related to Soccer and the World Cup

In French, le football means soccer in English, and le foot translates as football. These and related terms are vital to know if you want to talk knowledgeably about soccer in French. Le football, le foot > soccer, football. La Coupe du monde, le Mondial > World Cup. Le match > game, match.

The Ultimate French Vocabulary Guide For Football / Soccer ...

The Ultimate French Vocabulary Guide For Football / Soccer. Sports can be a great way to start a conversation with the locals and put your French language skills to the test. However, the sheer amount of vocabulary can make this a daunting task! Sports talk can be chock full of idioms, slang , and informal expressions and it doesn’t help that ...

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to play soccer jouer au football. modif. [player, match, pitch] de football. soccer pitch. n terrain m de football. soccer player. n footballeur m. Translation English - French Collins Dictionary. See also:

French Soccer Vocabulary (List of European Football Terms)

vocabulaire de football européan. Soccer, called both “ le football ” and “ le foot ” is by far the most popular sport in France and is played thousands of people across the country. France has been a leader in soccer both in Europe and internationally as it hosted and won the FIFA World Cup in 1998. Here you will learn some basic soccer vocabulary in French including words for equipment and the various players on the field.

French Football Vocabulary: 200 Words Every Fan Should Know

Looking for French football vocabulary? It's all here! From general terms to expressions, chants, and even some sample videos. Whether or not you’re in a pub in a French-speaking city, in the dining table discussing with French-speaking friends, or watching a World Cup game in your couch, these French football terms and phrases can surely come in very handy.

300 French Sports Words ⚽️

10 French Soccer Phrases. Just for fun, here are some French soccer phrases: L’équipe des Bleus a gagné 3 à 1 contre l’équipe des Rouges. The Blue team won 3 to 1 against the Red team. Allez les Bleus ! Go France team, go! Zéro à zéro : c’est match nul ! Zero points : it’s a draw! L’arbitre siffle ! Il y a faute de du Paris Saint Germain !

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Note that we discuss exceptionally popular French sports like soccer, tennis, and cycling elsewhere on their own pages. Many of the words below are linked to audio files. Simply click on the link to hear the correct pronunciation and then repeat it a few times to commit it to memory.

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Most French people refer to the tournament as Roland-Garros. Lesson Summary. Le foot, soccer, is the most popular team sport in France.