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Mobile embedded systems belong among the typical applications of distributed systems control in real-time.

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The research on soccer robot has obtained rapid development in recent years.

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The idea of Robot Soccer. What is AI?. Research in AI includes: design of intelligent machines formalization of the notions of ...

Soccer Robot - Playing Robotics Technology Working with Rules

A soccer robot is a specialized autonomous or mobile robot, used to play soccer with variants.

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218 Robot Soccer disarming the opponent`s goal play.

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3.1 Robot Soccer “RoboCup is an international joint project to promote AI, robotics, and related fields.

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Robot Soccer is a very attractive platform in terms of research.

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118 Robot Soccer 7. Conclusion In this chapter we have presented a framework for modular practical courses using robotics and robot ...

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Abstract A design and implementation method of a robot soccer system with three vision-based autonomous robots is proposed in this paper.