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Tennis Kick Serve Tomahawk Throw - Top Speed Tennis

Video Transcription: Hi guys, I’m Clay Ballard with Top Speed Tennis and today we’re going to talk about the kick serve. Now when done correctly with the right technique it’s one of the easiest serves to get in the box, and it’s also one of the most effective, kicking up by your opponent’s shoulders or even up by their head.

How to Get Your Kick Serve to Drop Like a Boomerang! (Top ...

Click For Free Video: http://www.topspeedtennis.com/tennis-serve-speed-drill-bow-and-arrow/ How to Get Your Kick Serve to Drop Like a Boomerang! (Top Speed ...

Serve | Technique • Top Speed Tennis

Level 3 - Tennis Serve Technique3.1 Boost Serve Speed (Bow & Arrow Drill)3.2 Serve Speed Snap and Leverage Drill. 4. Level 4 | Serve Technique. More Coming Soon! 4.1 Controlling the Spin of Your Serves. 4.2 Never Hit the Net Again | Controlling the Height of Your Serves. 4.3 Tennis Serve Toss: 3 Serves, 3 Toss Points (Flat, Kick, Slice)

How to Hit Flat, Slice, and Kick Tennis ... - Top Speed Tennis

For the slice you will want to toss slightly more to the left and for the kick even a little more. I usually use this as a guideline in relation to the left foot if you let the ball fall to the ground and did not hit it. Flat. 3 ft. in front and 1 ft. to the left. Kick 1 ft. in front and 3 feet to the left.

How To Hit A Perfect Kick Serve In Tennis - 3 Steps - YouTube

http://www.Top-Tennis-Training.com/How To Hit Perfect Kick Serve In Tennis - 3 Steps. In this brand new video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov (LTA Leve...

Tennis Tips : Kick Serve Training to Increase Speed - YouTube

To increase the speed on your kick serve, you have to become very familiar with how to hit a kick serve in the first place. Generate more speed on your kick ...

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Hello, and welcome to Top Speed Tennis. Your home for high quality tennis instruction. On this channel we will review some of the best players in the game including, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal ...

Keys to the Kick - Tennisplayer.net

Using this approach, I have taught hundreds of junior players to hit great kick serves, from as young as 6 year old beginners to 16 year old top national players. I have also taught the same serve to serious adult players at many levels.

Constructing the Kick - Tennisplayer.net

This kick-serve-only developmental rule helps my students permanently assimilate the kick with little chance of reverting back to old habits. Another added benefit of forcing players to hit only kicks: they will have to learn to win with their groundstrokes rather than by banging big first serves as so many young kids (especially in the US) try ...